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The best Tricia has a way to read your body better than any other massage therapist I have been to. She knew exactly how hard or soft to be in all areas of the body based on what she was feeling. her Place is welcoming and clean and her lotions don't make you feel like you need to shower right afterwards. Thank you Tricia...can't wait to come back.
Allison S.
Healing Thank you Tricia for providing exceptional professional and peaceful experiences.
Chris M
undiscovered goldmine Tricia is absolutely the best body worker I have ever gone to, and I have been getting massages for over 30 years. It isn't just the usual massage that you get most places. Tricia really looks for problem areas and is very creative with ways to resolve them. I can't say enough about her.
Joey Casanova
Simple the best! I get regular massages and this was the best one I have gotten in quite a while. You knew exactly where to put the pressure throughout my body. Thank you
patricia salas
Such a Little hidden JEWEL this site is difficult to identify from the ouotside...but it is beautiful, calm serene and the Entrepreneur/Owner is 110% ALL make your experience spectucular. Very clean, accepting and a climate of healing and health. Can't recommend highly enough
Best massage I've had I'm a triathlete and so my muscles can go through it. I've had enough massages to know that Tricia is a pro, very attention detailed, and worked out my problem areas thoroughly. Other massages don't even compare to this quality!
Intuitive Yes, I could feel her listening to what my body needed
Elena Lopez
Highly Recommend Tricia is very thorough and precise. Bought my husband and daughter a massage and will recommend to others!
Laura Coalwell
She IS the best! No lie. Like a miracle worker, she's been able to help me where doctors haven't. My kids are also seeing her.
Always wonderful ! Tricia is a great woman that makes everyone feel special. I have been going to her for over 5 years now, I wish I could go every week just to experience her great energy.
Lorraine Clifton
Fabulous Tricia is amazing, fabulous, caring, tender. She always puts others first and is extremely knowledgeable in skin care, massage and a ton of other topics too many to list. Tricias's energy is dynamic so make an appointment to have her treat you like a Queen. You will not be disappointed xxoo
Scott Tidball
Move over Heaven Review of Tricia Wishard So...if you think heaven is the place to go, you have two choices. Go to heaven and never come back OR visit Tricia and cross over to experience Heaven and then gently return back to earth. In either case you can't go wrong. Thank you, Tricia for being my spiritual guide to bliss and back.
Loved it!! I got a massage and I suffer from migraines/ headaches, scoliosis, and hypermobile joint syndrome and Tricia allowed me to relax and feel pain free for an hour. It was so soothing and I truly would recommend this place to anyone that suffers from severe pain. Tricia was able to express her knowledge and she knew exactly where to go deep. Thanks Akasa!!!
One of the BEST I've had in a while! I tried Akasa on a Groupon deal and SO glad I did! Tricia is an excellent and educated therapist. Highly recommend!
Jana baldwin
She's a must Tricia's massage is definitely one of the best I've ever had. I've been to her several times and referrered her several times. Everyone thinks she's amazing ! Her therapeutic deep massages do the trick !
Best massage I have had in a long time!!! I am a massage queen, just about every two weeks. Tricia is very intuitive as to what your body needs. Excellent work!!!
Best Microderm ever I have had two other microderm packages and Tricia's service so far has been, by far, the best. I've only had one treatment so far, but can already see benefits. She was so thorough and made it a truly relaxing experience. She spent 40 minutes more than any other place ever did on my microderm session. I would recommend her to anyone!
Excellent treatment and service! I am so pleased with the treatment I receive at Akasa - Tricia's services are expansive and she always addresses my needs and problems that I might have with my skin. My skin has improved so much as a direct result of my treatments at Akasa!
Facial, tinting I had a great facial, and I love my eye brow and eye lash tinting. I will be back to have it all done again!
First Timer I am totally addicted. I bought an groupon 60 min session but wished I had of bought the 90 min session. Tricia was so personable and made me feel so comfortable. I plan on making this a monthly thing for myself. Thank you
I Love AKASA!!! <3 <3 <3 Akasa has helped my skin look amazing! Very inviting, relaxing, and all together an amazing experience!
Massage This place is simply amazing, i have sciatica and she knew just the exact places where i needed to unwind. I would recommend this place to anyone especially those who have tension,stress, or sciatica.
Marlene Anderson
Massage An absolutely wonderful massage!
Vickie Wheatlake
Microderm//Facial Tricia at Akasa did a wonderful job and is very knowledgeable about skin care. This was my first Microderm/Facial and I will definitely be back. Thank you Tricia
Karen Bryant
Skin care I was new to Akasa when I purchased a microderm package. A wonderful decision! Tricia is always warm and friendly, goes above and beyond what seems to be the standard at other places. The space itself has a very calming presence about it. I highly recommend Akasa.
Microderm makes my skin feel GREAT Thanks Tricia! My skin is always radiant after a microdermabrasion facial. I like the new office. :)
Teresa Wright
posted from online Living Social review Review of Shue Gottschalk Best Reflexology session I've ever had. Shue was considerate and gave the perfect pressure. She also gave me ideas on what areas of my body might need some help. Purchased the Spring Special so I will be back.
Rhonda Collins